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About Us

ChallengeMyRate.com is a place for you to save on home and auto insurance quotes. We have over 30 years combined insurance experience and represent up 99% of the home insurance companies in Florida, and we are completely free for you to use. When you are able to compare home and auto insurance quotes side-by-side with all the major companies you get the power of savings found only at ChallengeMyRate.com.

ChallengeMyRate.com has provided over 200,000 consumers with a free, simple and effective way to conveniently shop online for insurance. Whether you are in the market for home or auto insurance ChallengeMyRate.com helps make the insurance shopping easy.

As the leading online insurance marketplace, ChallengeMyRate.com has a trusted relationship with several of the nation's top insurance companies.

Consumers complete one simple and secure online form and within seconds the consumer receives multiple insurance quotes from those competing companies. Consumers typically receive multiple offers and after comparing a variety of insurance coverage plans and rates, choose the right insurance carrier and policy that meets their needs and fits their budget.

ChallengeMyRate.com has connected thousands of consumers to A rated insurance products and services. As one of the most visited Florida insurance shopping site on the web, our mission is to provide the best way to save, shop for and choose the right insurance policy.

Comparison rates are based on the data you entered today into challengemyrate.com and the most recent information the insurance companies have filed with state regulators. Please note that you may not be offered a quote due to certain eligibility requirements. In addition, the rates shown may be higher or lower than what has been provided by this comparison website based on your driving history, your credit history, prior insurance history as well as claims filed with previous insurers. You also may be eligible for other discounts. Your auto rate may be higher if you have been assigned to your recent automobile policy by your state or if any drivers in the household required proof of financial responsibility. This could also make you ineligible for these rates. Some companies on our website use credit history to determine rates. If we cannot tell how a company uses credit to determine a rate, we provide you with an average rate based on your information entered. Each company may assess your credit history differently from how other companies do it. Since we only provide rates for some companies, other companies in your state may have rates that are higher or lower than those provided here. Competitor companies did not furnish descriptions of the policies and rates provided. Challenge My Rate cannot sell or give advice about the rates or policy contracts of any company that they do not represent. If you any questions, please contact that company or an authorized agent.